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    jD-UltraPWM ESC 30 Amp jD-UltraPWM ESC 20 Amp jD-MiniOSD, MAX7456 12V Video power unit
    jD-UltraPWM ESC 30 Amp
    Our Price: $24.00
    jD-UltraPWM ESC 20 Amp
    Our Price: $18.00
    Video Power, 13-24 In, 12V Out, 2A
    List Price: $19.95
    Our Price: $19.95
    jD-UltraPWM ESC 30 Amp. Multcopter specific ESC with custom made firmware based Quad/SimonK softwares jD-UltraPWM ESC 20 Amp. Multcopter specific ESC with custom made firmware based Quad/SimonK softwares jD-MiniOSD v1.2, improved OSD from MinimOSD. This OSD has stepdown DC/DC powersupply that can handle input voltages up to 40 volts, Additional pins for 12V power supply, Analog pins for RSSI and many more upgrades.. Fully compatible with MinimOSD software and configurator tools. It has full support for MAVLink 1.0 12V/2A Linear video power unit for 4-6S battery operation. This PSU gives nice and ripple fee 12V output to your FPV video equipment. You can use 4-6S (13-24V) batteries to power this PSU and connect your FPV transmitter, camera etc on it's outputs.
    jDrones NEO6 ArduCopter GPS jD RD900 Telemetry Bundle jDrones NEO6 Airplane Rover GPS jDrones HMC5883L Compass for APM2.6
    jDrones uBlox NEO6 ArduCopter specific high gain GPS module with detachable antenna module for easy mounting. jD-RF900 Long range telemetry set. World record-holder on range on it's price range. Get this set and you won't regret. Some our customers have reported over 60km ranges. Let us know how far you can do??
    jDrones uBlox NEO6 for Airplane / Rover use. WIth external waterproof antenna that has strong 3M 2-side tape for easy mounting and 30cm connection cable. Comes with IPEX/SMA connection cable. APM2.6 (and APM2.5+) Specific external compass board. Best choice if you have magnetic interference on your Multicopter
    Nylon XT90 Connectors , drone part jD IOBoard with High power outputs APM LED & Buzzer info board
    XT90 High current battery connector.

    Made from high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connection. The XT90 ensures a solid high current connection. Perfect for applications up to and beyond 90Amp constant current. Connectors are easy to plug in and disconnect. A perfect connector for your high-power multicopters and more.

    • 2 pcs (1 male + 1 female)
    • 5mm Gold plated connector
    • Current: 90+ Amp
    • Weight: Male 6gr, Female 7gr
    jD-IOBoard v1.1. Fully Arduino compatible IOBoard with 6 high power outputs and 6 TTL GPIO channels along analog powers. Best way to drive your LED strips and other devices. Great way to know what happens inside your APM Flightcontroller. This board gives both audible and visual information of different events inside APM. GPS Lock, Motors armed/disarmed, Battery alarms etc

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