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    Welcome to jDrones store. jDrones is
    an official ArduPilot hardware developer and supplier.

    By buying from jDrones you support official ArduPilot development.

    jD-SiK Radio Telemetry radio jD-SiK Radio Telemetry radio jD RD868 Plus Telemetry Bundle jD-SiK Radio Telemetry radio
    jD-RF868Plus Longrange
    Our Price: $259.95
    MAVLink, Mission Planner short-range telemetry modem for your vehicles. MAVLink, Mission Planner short-range telemetry modem for your vehicles. Long-range telemetry set just got better. jD-RF868 Plus is here.
    MAVLink, Mission Planner short-range telemetry modem for your vehicles.
    Digital airspeed sensor Pix4D Mapping jD RD900 Plus Telemetry Bundle
    Digital airspeed sensor
    Our Price: $64.59
    Pix4D Mapper Pro
    Our Price: $8,700.00
    jD-RF900Plus Longrange
    Our Price: $259.95
    Digital Airspeed sensor

    The Pixhawk digital differential airspeed sensor has a very low offset, a high resolution, and best of all does not suffer from the noise induced by long cables and offsets in the ratio-metric output on the APM 2.6 analog airspeed sensor.
    Pix4D Mapper Pro for 2D/3D mapping and modelling
    ArduPilot Merchandise: Support ArduPilot group with these fancy keyrings. With texts: "Remove pilot before flight / ARDUPILOT"
    Long-range telemetry set just got better. jD-RF900 Plus is here.
    Digital airspeed sensor with compass pingRX ADS-B receiver
    pingRX ADS-B UAV Receiver
    Our Price: $199.95
    Digital Airspeed /w Compass

    Made for Pixhawk: No more hassle with extra cables if you need to have both airspeed and external compass installed on your airplane. This board solves your cabling problems. Board has HMC5983 with LDOs and level-converters along with differential pressure sensor.
    PING is HERE! ADS-B receiver for UAV operations.

    ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) helps aircraft operators sense and avoid possible collisions. ADS-B is mandated by the FAA for all aircraft in the U.S. National Airspace in 2020. Used now primarily on manned aircraft, miniaturizing the equipment was essential to make it useable for small drones.

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