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    pingUSB ADS-B receiver TFMini Plus Digital airspeed sensor with compass CUAV V5+
    pingUSB ADS-B Receiver
    Our Price: $199.95
    TFMini Plus
    Our Price: $57.00
    CUAV V5+
    Our Price: $356.00
    pingUSB ADS-B receiver.

    ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) helps aircraft operators sense and avoid possible collisions. ADS-B is mandated by the FAA for all aircraft in the U.S. National Airspace in 2020. pingUSB is essentially the same as pingRX for drones, only with USB connector for easy connection to laptops, tablets etc.
    Benewake TFMini Plus LiDAR for 0.1 - 12 meters operations. Good LiDAR for your aerial and ground vehicles. IP65 casing Digital Airspeed /w Compass

    Made for Pixhawk: No more hassle with extra cables if you need to have both airspeed and external compass installed on your airplane. This board solves your cabling problems. Board has HMC5983 with LDOs and level-converters along with differential pressure sensor.

    The CUAV v5+ is an advanced STM32F765 autopilot designed and made by CUAV. CUAV v5+ is intended for engineers and hobbyists who are looking for the powerful autopilot for their UAVs

    Benewake CE30-C PPM Sum encoder V2.0 TFMini jD RD900 X Telemetry Bundle
    Benewake CE30-C
    Our Price: $1,020.00
    PPM Encoder v2.0, Plane
    Our Price: $26.00
    Our Price: $42.00
    jD-RF900-X Longrange
    Our Price: $299.95
    This Solid-State ToF Infrared LiDAR CE30-C is equipped with special hardware design. It can complete the measurement of wide horizontal FOV and output the grey and depth information at the same time. Resolution of CE30-C output is 320 * 24 depth matrix which presents the distance information in front of its field of vision. This sensor is good for counting people and object recognition PPM Encoder V2.0

    This is an official ArduPilot ppm sum encoder and it is used connecting generic RC Reciever to your Pixhawk/PX4 autopilots. Connect all your 8 RC channels with cable provided and connect PPM Sum to your autopilot.
    Benewake TFMini LiDAR for 0.3 - 12 meters operations. Good LiDAR for your aerial and ground vehicles. Long-range telemetry set just got better. jD-RF900-X is here. Now with strong encryption and higher data-rates.
    jD RD868 X Telemetry, Air unit only jD RD868 Plus Telemetry, Ground unit only jD RD900 Plus Telemetry Bundle Benewake TF03
    jD-RF900Plus Longrange
    Our Price: $259.95
    Benewake TF03
    Our Price: $199.95
    jD-RF868-X, air unit only. One air unit from our famous jD-RF868-X Longrange telemetry set e.g. for your other drone. jD-RF868 Plus, ground unit only. One ground unit from our famous jD-RF868Plus Longrange telemetry set in case you need a replacement or want to create a custom setup. Long-range telemetry set just got better. jD-RF900 Plus is here.
    Benewake TF03 LiDAR for 0.1 - 100 meters operations. Great small LiDAR for your UAVs and other vehicles.
    jD RD900 Plus Telemetry, Air unit only LightWare LW20/C LaQuinta Multispectral Crop camera jD RD868 Plus Telemetry Bundle
    LightWare LW20/C
    Our Price: $290.00
    jD-RF868Plus Longrange
    Our Price: $259.95
    jD-RF900 Plus, air unit only. One air unit from our famous jD-RF900Plus Longrange telemetry set e.g. for your other drone. LightWare Optics minature LiDAR for Drone use. Great size and good resolution. Range max 100 meters LaQuinta is the first of its kind: a single sensor, single optical path, high resolution 4 narrow-band multispectral UAV and ground vehicle camera for Precision Agriculture, packed with functionality like no other device in the global market: all without the multiple-camera-in-a-box misalignment issues or timeshift sensitive filter-wheel drawbacks Long-range telemetry set just got better. jD-RF868 Plus is here.

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