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    TECH News: Assembled ArduCopter software updates
      TECH BULLETIN: 31.05.2011

    Software updates on Assembled ArduCopters.

    If you have received Assembled ArduCopter from jDrones before 31.05.2011, we suggest that you will update your software to the latest versions. There has been a huge development on latest softwares.

    Easiest way to upgrade your ArduCopter software is by downloading APM Mission Planner that now fully supports different ArduCopter frames.

    APM Mission Planner can be found from ArduPilot Mega wiki/download area. Currently (31.05.2011) APM Mission Planner is on it's 0.4.37 version.

    Download area:

    NOTE: As whole ArduCopter development team (jDrones one main part of it), we are uniting our ArduCopter installations. If your magnetometer is on top of topmost carrier board, you need to move under it eg. "upside down"

    If you don't want to do this, you need to use Arduino IDE and upload latest software with that to your ArduCopter.

    We encourage to use APM Mission Planner for now and all future software uploads. APM Mission Planner will also be main Configuration tool for all ArduCopter multicopters.

    Always remember to check ArduCopter wiki pages for software etc support at:

    Queries and questions can be sent via Contact Us form

    Best regards,
    ArduCopter core members
    Jani / jDrones,

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