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    ArduCopter Quad v1.1 KIT, Full Electronics
    jD ArduCopter Quad

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    Our Price: $559.00

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    Availability:: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Days
    Product Code: ACKIT1

    Motor type:

    2830 for normal use, 2836 for heavier payloads

    Propeller size:

    10x45" are default, 12x45" for bigger motors

    Size of ESC:

    20Amp for smaller motors, 30Amp for bigger

    Radio option:

  • 9Ch Digital radio
  • FrSky Telemetry RX/TX Modules

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    Description Technical Specs
    ArduCopter v1.1 - Fully featured UAV development platform.

    This KIT contains almost everything you need to enter to world of multirotors. You only need to add your own Radio, Rx/Tx modules and Battery+Connector, every thing else is provided on this kit.

    Now ships with uBlox NEO6 High accuracy GPS devices.

    Frame set is based on famous ArduCopter Quad design by Jani Hirvinen and his team on DIY Drones.

    What ArduCopter is? ArduCopter is a multirotor amateur UAV development platform and is meant for DIY people. Even if you are not a software developer or "hacker" who want to tune everything, you can still enjoy this community product. It also allows people to built their own looking mini UAV or just an ordinary R/C toy, all depends on it's owners needs. You can also program everything on it by your self or use software that is developed by DIY Drones community. Software is updated almost daily.

    jDrones is only part of this software development group at DIY Drones. Support for it is provided on their website on ArduCopter forum areas.

    You can find more information about development status and more:
    - ArduCopter forums
    - ArduCopter development wiki
    - ArduCopter issue tracker
    - ArduCopter software downloads

    ArduCopter Quad v1.1 KIT Contains (hardware):
    • 1 x ArduCopter v1.0 Frame
      • 24" Frame (28cm arms)
    • 4 x Motors designed to ArduCopter use, 850kv (can be changed)
    • 4 x ESCs designed to ArduCopter use, 20Amp
    • 4 x Propellers designed to ArduCopter use, 10x45 (can be changed)
    • 1 x ArduPilot Mega 2.5+ Flight controller
    • 1 x Connectors/Cables between APM + IMU
    • 1 x set of 3 row pins for APM
    • 1 x uBlox NEO6 with high gain antenna

    Everything else not listed here are optional and ArduCopter can be expanded with them of users can build their own expansions. Eg. this kit does not contain: Camera, Video systems, Batteries, Radio or other devices.

    This KIT is a DIY kit, to assemble it you need to have basic soldering skills to solder ESCs cables/Connectors, Power distribution PCB and it's connectors, basic mechanical skills and knowledge to build whole frame.

    Needs: Radio, Receiver and Battery to make it flying

    Documentation can be found from ArduCopter's GoogleCode repository

    Shipping: Fixed $60 USD shipping with EMS to ensure fast and reliable delivery. This packet ships alone.

    • ArduCopter Platform, Software development roadmap

    • Due this is a opensource community project, we can only provide main software development roadmap. This is not a list of what software is capable currently, for current features please ArduCopter Wiki websites.

    • Some of the features needs external device to work, like wireless radio telemetry.

      Already implemented features:
      • 6 Degree of Freedom IMU stabilized control
      • Gyro stabilized flight mode enabling acrobatics (loops and barrel rolls)
      • GUI for configuration of PID and other flight parameters
      • Realtime graphs of flight data
      • Motor control using low cost standard PWM Electronics Speed Controllers (ESC's)
      • On board flight telemetery data storage
      • Capability to fly in "+", "x"
      • Capability to fly quad, (hexa and octo coming) configurations
      • Mounted camera stabilization capability
      • Magnetometer for heading determination
      • Barometer for altitude hold
      • Capability to use any R/C receiver
      • Sonar sensor for automated takeoff and landing capability
      • Battery level detection
      • GPS for position hold
      • Automated waypoint navigation
      • Waypoint programming using Google Maps, (coming)
      • ArduCopter Configuration and Ground Control Software
      • Realtime graphs of flight data
      • Wireless command & telemetry for long distance communication (with external modem)
      Features under development:
      • IR sensor integration for obstacle avoidance
      • On Screen Display (OSD) integration, (coming)
      Due this is a community product, features can change without any notice!

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