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    Quad Hexa Dome
    Quad/Hexa copter dome, Black ABS
    Our Price: $6.50

    Quad / Hexa-copter black dome

    Does your electronics need a cover, here is easy solution for that. Use this dome to cover all your electronics on your quad or hexa copter. Dome has 2 lock fins that holds dome on it's place well. If your fram does not have support lock holes you can use velcro to hold it.

    more info
    ArduPilot Mega Case
    ArduPilot Mega Case
    Our Price: $14.29

    Sturdy wooden case, designed to protect the Ardupilot and other components! more info
    jDrones 450 style quad
    jDrones 450 Custom ArduCopter
    Our Price: $26.00

    Custom jDrones 450 style frame. Similar to DJI frames but this frame has been customized in way that you can easily mount generic jDrones ArduCopter parts on it. Parts like Carrier boards, Power distributions and so on. more info
    jD-Simplex Quad, Rev.A
    jD-Simplex Quad Frame, Rev.A
    Our Price: $68.90

    jD-Simplex Quad Rev.A, Our new line of simple but strong frames. This frame is also foldable for easier transportation. Folding mechanism has quick lock system to lock arms on their places more info
    ArduCopter Quad Black
    ArduCopter Quad Frame v1.0. Black
    Our Price: $129.00

    Black ArduCopter v1.0. Our original ArduCopter frame that is been seen on thousands and thousands users around the world. This one frame is BLACK like night more info
    Assembled jD-Simplex Quad
    jD-Simplex Rev.A Assembled & Tested Quad
    Our Price: $659.90

    jD-Simplex Quad Rev.A Fully Assembled + Tested kit. No need to worry about soldering or setting up this quad. Our skilled engineers are building and testing it for you. Add battery and optional RC Receiver to start your new exciting hobby. With uBlox NEO6 High Accuracy GPS. more info
    Assembled jD-Simplex Hexa Rev.A
    jD-Simplex Hexa KIT Rev.A, Assembled & Tested Hexa
    Our Price: $759.90

    jD-Simplex - Assembled and tested Hexa
    jD-Simplex HEXA Rev.A is here! This is the latest addon to ArduCopter multirotor family, It is fully built, tested and test flown before we ship it out from our factory. Now with fully folding frame
    more info

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