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LaQuinta Multispectral Crop camera

LaQuinta Multispectral Crop camera

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LaQuinta Multispectral camera

Are you are crop farmer? Are you in vegetation management? Or perhaps in Forest health preservation. If YES, LaQuinta multispectral camera is for you.

LaQuinta is the first of its kind: a single sensor, single optical path, high resolution 4 narrow-band multispectral UAV and ground vehicle camera for Precision Agriculture, packed with functionality like no other device in the global market: all without the multiple-camera-in-a-box misalignment issues or timeshift sensitive filter-wheel drawbacks

- 1 single revolutionary 4.1 Megapixel combined RGC+NEAR-INFRARED sensor
- 1 Optical path with 4 NARROW BANDS (as opposite the "multiple cameras in a box"
1 Multispectral AG bands, CWL/FWHM: Blue 430/40 - Green 570/30 - Red 660/30 - NIR 860/20 for crop-health analysis through multiple indices such as NDVI
- No damaging rolling shutter effects


Size & Weight:
- 78 x 58 x 56/159gr (inc 8mm M12 lens)

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